Stokesay Court Gardens

Stokesay Court Gardens designed by HE MilnerA walk through the gardens, designed by HE Milner, takes you over sweeping lawns towards the grotto and rockery and down through the woodlands to the scenic waterfalls and cascading pools. There are many superb specimens of mature parkland trees, and carpets of daffodils and bluebells create stunning displays in Spring.

The layout of the gardens overlay an 18th Century design associated with the earlier landscape belonging to the Stone House, which John Derby-Allcroft demolished when he built Stokesay Court.Stonehouse Pools - Stokesay Court

The Stonehouse Pools, a chain of pools and weirs, run round the garden boundary, dropping into a small waterfall at the eastern end of the woodlands.

Recent work has exposed the rockery and grotto in the gardens and work is ongoing to clear the rhododendron ponticum and laurel from the woodlands, and is opening up vistas not visible since World War II.

Rhododendron Ponticum - Stokesay CourtThe Walled Garden is let as Stokesay Flowers to Barney and Victoria Martin ( who should be contacted direct for further information.