Technology - nineteenth century style

6/Jun/14 - Technology - nineteenth century style

We recently conducted a tour of Stokesay Court for a Technology History Group and I must admit as a team we found it as fascinating as the visitors did. I have long known that Stokesay was at the forefront of technological innovation when it was built......

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Lights, Camera, Sound and Action

7/Mar/14 - Lights, Camera, Sound and Action

  We have been enjoying the limelight at Stokesay Court this week as we continue to be in demand for our rich and varied history and unspoilt setting. Not only has a wonderful piece, talkin...

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Echoes of the Past

24/Feb/14 - Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the past:   I have never felt that Stokesay Court is haunted, but inevitably something that has stood the test of time as this house has, and seen so much and so varied a history,...

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Stokesay Court gets artistic - 2

23/Dec/13 - Stokesay Court gets artistic - 2

Who is this standing by the Stokesay Court Christmas tree? After her hugely successful exhibition at Stokesay, and you will see a couple more photos of it on this blog, my niece, Iona, packed up the paintings and got ready to head back to London....

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Stokesay Court gets artistic

12/Dec/13 - Stokesay Court gets artistic

Stokesay Court has just hosted its first ever Art Exhibition. Works went on display by the talented, up and coming artist, Iona Magnus   Yes the name might slightl...

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