The Stokesay Dragon

Autumn Colours

21/Nov/13 - Autumn Colours

Working day in and day out in Stokesay Court might seem glamorous to many – and in many ways it is. I try to never take for granted the surroundings despite the constant battles to keep the rooms...

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English Sunshine

5/Apr/13 - English Sunshine

Many years ago a friend from a warm country observed to a fellow compatriot one sunny morning in London how our English winter sun was "deceptive" and "treacherous", or that is what I recall him sayi...

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Snowed In

23/Mar/13 - Snowed In

  This was the view from the window at 7.30am this morning.   It hasn't changed since and although it looks beautiful, it has caused a few problems.  The front drive was impassable, so w...

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Garden News

6/Mar/13 - Garden News

2012 was a poor year for gardens generally, and Stokesay was not alone in having to cope first with a major drought, and then by mid-summer  with major floods.  This picture shows shows the stream l...

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