Spring Cleaning

9/May/11 - Spring Cleaning

A sudden burst of energy has overtaken me and I am having a clear-out for the first time in years.   Yesterday I found a cupboard containing Christmas cards from 2005 and decided that it was time t...

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Starting the Season

Lights On!

Say hello to the Postman

11/Jan/11 - Say hello to the Postman

I'm trying to think charitable thoughts about our local postal service but they don't come easily and I hope I will be forgiven for those thoughts that spring unwanted into my mind. In the early da...

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Coping with the big freeze

19/Nov/10 - Coping with the big freeze

The forecasters say the temperature went down to minus 20 in the next door county last night and I can feel the cold air through the windows as it starts to drop again. The trees are covered in snow a...

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