A sudden burst of energy has overtaken me and I am having a clear-out for the first time in years.   Yesterday I found a cupboard containing Christmas cards from 2005 and decided that it was time to take action.   Today, it's the boxes which have piled up.   While I have often been told that it is normal to expand to fill the space that you have, in a house this size it is definitely not a good idea.   Here is a glimpse of some of what we have cleared away:  When I opened an overflowing cupboard I found a pile of unused envelopes left behind by Sotheby's after the contents sale in 1994.  All of them had lost their gum in the damp air.  There is a further room waiting to be tackled, full of boxes from London which haven't been opened since I moved here in 1995.  They will have to wait for another wet day.  Now I need to find a system to stop the piles growing again.  Perhaps I will finally succed in my aim to have everything tidied into logical places where I can find it - ie all sewing implements together, all candles in one cupboard and so on.   Then I won't keep buying new every time I can't find something and think I have run out;  I might even save some money as a result.   I wonder!  Perhaps someone could ask me in a few months how far I have got ...... ?

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